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Jakarta on the go

One custom Jakarta city still keeps intact are its modes of transportation. Predominately, in North Jakarta, the lesser developed part of Jakarta, you’ll find traditional transportation vehicles buzzing around in polluted haze. The amount of greenhouse gases these vehicles emit is sickening. Nevertheless, walking the noisy, dusty, smelly streets of North Jakarta in suffocating heat to take these photographs, was an overwhelming but worthy experience. Blue, door-less Angkots prepared to stop anywhere in the middle of the road for anyone that needs a ride. Orange Bajais waiting for customers in a line. These 3 wheel vehicles fit 2 passengers comfortably BUT…do not underestimate the power of the Bajai.  My friend and I took a ride in a BBG (Bahan Bakar Gas) which is similar to a Bajai except it runs on gas. It’s just slightly better for the environment than a Bajai. This is what it looks like from the passengers seat.And if you think that, that overloaded Bajai was crazy, don’t even get me started on this ancient vehicle called a Bemo. I counted how many people were in this 3 wheel Bemo, and there were 11 people in it! 11! I know, I find it very hard to believe too, but I saw it with my own eyes and would not jeapordise the credibility of my blog to lie to you.To put things into perspective, it’s like squeezing 9 adults into this back space. It’s also hard to imagine that it’s the year 2012 and yet tens of thousands of people in Jakarta still use these old vehicles almost everyday. I mean look this Bemo, it looks like it’s about to fall apart any minute now.

As ridiculous as it seems, these modes of transportation are a reality to millions of people in Indonesia. Personally, ever since I had this experience, I stopped complaining about taking public transport in Melbourne. I have it so good compared to those in Jakarta that have to rely on these vehicles for transport. This just highlights that ‘first world problems’ are nothing compared to what people in third world countries face.

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